How to Explain Online Loan Now for an 8 Year Old

Today’s children are becoming more intelligent and engaged with the family’s financial life, actively participating in both the cash inflow and the cash outflow. However, issues such as online lending can now be even more complex and complicated for them.

If you want your son, daughter, or any other 8-year-old relative to understand the world of finance better, it is essential to also explain how lending works. For ease of understanding, we have separated some topics on how you could talk about it with the child in question.

Financial education begins at home, regardless of age or financial condition

Financial education begins at home, regardless of age or financial condition

Any family, however small their income, has a duty to teach their children about the use of money. Awareness through allowances or rewards for good behavior are some of the ways parents most often use, as their children can only actually work during adolescence.

Don’t be afraid to let children handle money, just orient and show them the right way for them to have their own financial experiences. In this way they will develop the ability to manage their income and expenses, even if they have access to only small amounts.

Also, always be a good example, they will refer to you until adulthood. You can be sure that your actions will positively (or negatively) influence children’s lives and can define an entire future with simple steps.

Explain to the child how money works in general.

Explain to the child how money works in general.

Many children have a hard time understanding the value of money, and ask parents to buy everything that goes before their eyes. It is your responsibility to talk about money and its value, its operation. Remember that the child is not born knowing and you will be your financial reference until you grow up and live on your own.

Begin by explaining that money works as an exchange: you trade your time to get it, and then you exchange money for something you need, which may be related to your needs or desires. Have the child deal with money by giving her this opportunity through a grant. Encourage her to make money plans, from buying something immediate to long-term shopping.

Talk about money and credit card differences in practice

Talk about money and credit card differences in practice

Tell the child what money is worth to society and what the card is worth to establishments and stores. Explain that the money in hand has already been earned, and the credit card money is the money of tomorrow, so it does not belong to the person yet, it is borrowed.

Talk about the use of the card and its usefulness in larger purchases, which allow for the full installment payment, and the opportunity to immediately buy something that would only be possible after a long time of waiting and work. Talk about the negatives and positives of using your credit card, and the consequences of not paying your card bill on time.

Make her aware of the importance of saving money not to get in trouble

Make her aware of the importance of saving money not to get in trouble

Understanding the value of money must come at an early age, so that the child becomes a teenager and, consequently, a responsible and balanced adult. If the family can maintain financial health, they will be able to teach their children or relatives the best way to handle money.

And when you talk about it you can’t stop talking about saving, creating savings. We will not always receive the same amount and need to be prepared for any eventualities. You can exemplify to the child by failing to pay his allowance in assorted months, so he can save you from running out of money when you need it, and you don’t have to depend on you always to make progress in your finances.

Tell us how online lending works now, its advantages and disadvantages

Tell us how online lending works now, its advantages and disadvantages

Hiding this option will not prevent your child from ever applying for a loan. The point here is to show the positives and negatives of getting a loan and in which situations when borrowing a loan should be considered.

The child needs to understand that, just like the credit card, the money in a loan is money that does not belong to him or her, it is money lent, borrowed. In addition, she needs to understand that there are interest and terms that must be honored from the moment the contract is signed.

Otherwise, the ” punishment ” is applied. You can, for example, encourage her to borrow money from you, in addition to the money she receives in the form of an allowance, to buy something she really wants. You determine for her a repayment term of this money and the interest to be paid if she does not comply with the agreed.

Well, how easy is it to talk about finances with a child? You can give very playful examples, within the reality in which the child lives, just using the amount he receives from monthly allowance. Follow the child’s planning, understand what she spends, what she wants to buy and be there to always show the best way. But remember: nothing to interfere with the decisions the child makes.

She needs to live her own experiences to draw her own conclusions about the world of finance. Sometimes it is necessary to make mistakes or lose money so that thoughts get in the way and everything flows better. In the end, if all goes wrong, there is still a possibility to apply for a loan online now.


Changed loans

Everyone can apply for a loan changed but first it is of fundamental importance to understand well what it is, what are the advantages and disadvantages of this type of loan and not least what guarantees are required to obtain one.

In fact, it is always a loan and as such, it requires coverage to be disbursed, whether this is granted by a financial company or by a private individual.

Without the necessary premises, we can go to see in detail what the loans with bills are and how they work, so as to clarify the topic well before moving on.

If, on the other hand, this information is already familiar to you, you can skip reading the following paragraphs and go directly to the reviews and guides located at the bottom of this article by pressing here.

1. What are changeable loans

1. What are changeable loans

The loan with promissory notes, also known as the promised loan, is a form of non-finalized credit, that is: there is no obligation to specify what you intend to use the money received for.

These fall into the category of fast loans and provide for a fixed rate of interest which therefore remains unchanged until the natural expiry of the bill.

The amount financed can be between 2,500 and 60,000 USD, while repayment must take place in a time between 12 and 120 months, this means that it is possible to pay the loan in installments thanks to the issue of multiple bills. Generally, the payment by installments is on a monthly basis, but it is possible – if both parties agree – it can be quarterly or half-yearly.

2. How a promised loan works in summary

2. How a <a href=promised loan works in summary” />

Synthesizing and simplifying to the maximum, a loan with bills of exchange works like this:

  1. bills and stamps are purchased;
  2. bills of exchange are completed and signed;
  3. bills of exchange are handed over to whoever grants the loan or to whom for him. The bill of exchange is returned to the debtor when he pays it.

3. Who are they for?

3. Who are they for?

The great advantage offered by the promised loan is represented by the fact that those who have been reported to the CRIF ( Central Financial Risks ) database can also take advantage of it, since the signing of the promissory note does not provide for an investigation into the applicant’s debt situation.

In other words, this is an excellent opportunity especially for bad payers and for protesting subjects who can no longer access traditional forms of financing such as personal loans.

It is understood that there will be checks on the assets of the applicant’s assets to make sure that there are any attachments in the event of non-payment of one or more bills.

If the loan is granted, the borrower signs the bill of exchange, which, at the request of the grantor, can also be endorsed by a third party to further guarantee the repayment of the loan.

The bill of exchange is, therefore, an enforceable title in all respects and it is precisely the collectability of the credit without the need to take legal action that does not exclude the bad payers from the possibility of benefiting from the fast promoted loans.

In the event that the repayment of an installment does not take place, the institute that granted the loan with a loan can request the attachment of the assets of the person who benefited from the loan, without having a formal injunction order.

Such a guarantee causes the providers to issue the financing rather quickly (from 24 to 48 hours) especially in the case of a small amount. On the other hand, it is important to note that a further advantage of the fast loan with bills of exchange is given by the fact that the beneficiary has the possibility to pay off his debt in advance, without incurring the payment of any penalties.

Finally, we remind you that the monthly installments of bills cannot be honored through bank bills nor can they be withdrawn directly from your current account, but must be paid exclusively at a bank counter.

The beneficiaries of the loans with bills of exchange can be distinguished according to their professional category:

  • self-employed;
  • employees;
  • unemployed.

In order to apply for loans changed, self-employed workers are required to submit all the documentation relating to their income situation and to sign an ad hoc insurance policy.

Employees, on the other hand, in addition to income documents, must present the severance pay in relation to the contributions paid up to the moment of signing the promissory note.

Finally, the unemployed will have to provide certificates of property ownership or, alternatively, the endorsement of a guarantor.

4. Advantages

The advantages of the loans changed are manifold and concern above all those who have had problems with the credit system, that is, those who have not paid a previous loan and have been reported as bad payers, or, even to those who have already been protested and therefore fall among those who need specific loans for protests.

Another advantage is that if you are unable to pay a bill of exchange, it can be renewed. Basically, if you are in difficulty to pay an installment, if there is an agreement between the parties, you can postpone the payment of the same. Of course, this will cost both interest and stamp duty.

5. Disadvantages

It should be pointed out from now on that the bill of exchange is an enforceable title which allows the creditor to attach the debtor’s assets in the event that the debtor becomes insolvent. In the event that there are no foreclosed properties, this type of loan cannot be granted.

In the loan with a bill of exchange, the beneficiary is required to sign this title, which allows the creditor to recover the sum of money disbursed and which is characterized by a specific expiry date by which the debt must necessarily be paid off.

Another disadvantage, which is not insignificant, is the high cost of this type of loan, in fact there is the cost of bills of exchange, stamp duty and the high interest rate typical of loans exchanged.

In conclusion, if possible, better avoid bills! They are fast loans and are obtained even if you have been reported as bad payers, but you are at risk of losing your assets if, for some unexpected events, you cannot honor a deadline and the creditor sends the bill in protest.

6. Who grants the changed loans

6. Who grants the changed loans

Given that today these loans are now a rarity, you can try to request them from:

  • banking institutions (not necessarily your own bank);
  • financial agencies;
  • to a broker;
  • to private citizens.

Generally, the large banks and the most important national financial institutions do not provide exchanged loans, however some more innovative credit institutions offer this type of financing. On the web it is possible to trace the list of all the banks and the main financial companies that apply this credit solution.

On the other hand, there are numerous brokers, or independent financial brokers, who offer personal loans with bills to their customers. Finally, it is possible to resort to loans exchanged between individuals ; this type of financing, which is completely legal, can take place within the framework of one’s own knowledge or through the publication of advertisements on the net.


Loans changed without paycheck

Feasibility of loans changed

Loans exchanged without a paycheck are possible and indeed widespread among those who need financing even though they cannot count on a regular salary. Their most important feature concerns the method of repayment of the sum that has been disbursed for the loan, in the sense that the monthly installments are nothing more than bills. In this way, the lending institution is insured because it is in possession of an enforceable title, which means that, in the event of insolvency, the repayment of assets may be requested by the credit agency which belong to the creditor.

How they are required

How they are required

To request and obtain loans changed without paycheck, it is necessary to sign the bills of exchange which represent the guarantee of repayment of the loan. In general, to find out if the request has been accepted or not, the times are very short: the reply can also arrive within 24 hours.

But what are the guarantees that must be offered? Obviously, just bills of exchange are not enough and other guarantees are needed to make up for the absence of a demonstrable income: this means that the presence of a guarantor, another person who ensures the payment of the amount, is necessary paid in case of insolvency of the beneficiary.

The guarantor is a physical figure who must not have further financing in progress and must be able to count on an indefinite contract; Furthermore, it is necessary that in the past he has not been included in the list of bad payers nor protested. In addition to the guarantor, the guarantee of a real estate may be requested : that which, always in the event of insolvency, would be foreclosed to allow the bank to recover the money.

Who can request them

Who can request them

Loans exchanged without a paycheck can be requested by all those who, even if they do not have a demonstrable income, need financing. This does not mean that these loans are always and in any case granted : each instance, in fact, is assessed individually, for example on the basis of the economic condition of the person submitting it, their age or the presence of other loans currently in progress.

As it is easy to guess, the bad payers and the protesters could have some difficulty in accessing such financing. Not all banks apply the same policies, but there are intermediaries and institutions that also allow those with a non-reassuring financial history to obtain loans, obviously under different conditions.

In general, this is a form of loan that is convenient for anyone who owns a property but does not have a demonstrable income: the property acts as a guarantee of repayment of the amount disbursed. The guarantee represented by a real estate and that represented by a physical guarantor can be alternative or complementary: in general, however, those who can already provide an apartment, land or any other property under guarantee do not need to look for a person to act as guarantor.

Installments and costs

Installments and costs

The installments of the bills of exchange, which are established at the time the contract is entered into, are the result of multiple administrative and ancillary expenses, which include the costs of registering the loan agreement, the costs of the insurance necessary in the event that the debt not be paid, the costs of opening the financing file, the costs of the commissions and the purchase costs of the bills.

Among the advantages that derive from the choice of a loan changed for those who do not have a paycheck is the fact that the loan can be paid off in advance, at any time you wish to do so, compared to the conclusion of the contract, simply by paying off the whole remaining amount of principal still to be repaid.


Here, therefore, that loans exchanged without paychecks can also be granted to those who do not have a fixed salary as long as they can count on a guarantor or on real estate to be given as collateral.


Loans for retirees up to 90 years of age

Loan rules and limits for retirees up to 90 years of age

I start immediately by telling you that getting a personal loan in old age – over 80 – is possible but not a foregone conclusion. In fact, the factors that determine the eligibility to receive loans for retirees up to 90 years of age are different and at the same time linked together.

Consequently to what has just been said, the first indications that I come to give you are the fundamentals so that you can continue reading afterwards knowing that you can probably have the right characteristics to ask for and obtain a repayable loan within a maximum of 90 years of age.

Otherwise, if you do not have the characteristics that I will tell you shortly, you can try other ways to obtain small loans, one of these could be for example the loan with a pledge, but for the moment focus on the possibilities offered by the assignment of the fifth of the pension.

To start, I will tell you immediately which pensions are excluded and / or not cumulative : pensions and social allowances, civil disability, allowances for assistance to incapacitated pensioners, income support contributions, family allowances, retirement benefits, pensions with joint ownership for the share part not pertaining to the party requesting the assignment.

Once you have clarified which pensions are excluded, it’s time to check your income and determine if there are the conditions to continue the reasoning. Here we go!

Feasibility: minimum non-transferable income. To make a realistic hypothesis on the eligibility to apply for a loan to pensioners up to 90 years of age, you must first keep in mind the following figure: the minimum pension set for 2017 and probably also for 2018 is $ 501.89 per 13 months, this figure is important as it is not possible to affect this income, it is in fact the so-called minimum survival threshold.

In essence: those with a pension of this type cannot apply for loans with the transfer of one fifth of the pension regardless of whether or not it ends within 90 years. Continue reading only if you have a pension higher than this amount, otherwise you would waste time.

Calculation with amortization within 90 years

Calculation with amortization within 90 years

In addition to the two data mentioned in the previous paragraph (survival income and conclusion of the loan repayment within 90 years of age), it is now time to focus on calculating the assignment of the fifth (useful to understand the possible amount of the monthly installment) and the age.

We continue the reasoning following a feasibility logic, let’s say that every consideration we make on a net pension of 1,000 USD per month for 13 months, that is, an annual income of 13,000 USD net, if you take more better, if you take less calculation it does not change, you just have to remember that you cannot, net of the payment of the loan installment, go below the minimum threshold of 501.89 USD and that the total amount of the transferable amount is at most one fifth of the net pension.

Now I will give you a practical example of calculation for a loan for pensioners up to 90 years : age of the applicant 80 years, net pension 1.000 USD for n. 13 monthly payments, with a 10-year or 120-month repayment plan duration.

The fifth transferable is calculated in this way : 1,000 net USD per month x 13 monthly payments = 13,000 USD per year, these 13,000 USD are divided by 12 months thus obtaining the real monthly income which in this case is $ 1,083.33, now to obtain the fifth of this figure you have to make 1083.33: 5 = 216.66 here is your fifth transferable, the monthly installment that you can support according to the parameters set for this type of loan. Multiplying 216.66 USD x 120 months here is that you have the maximum financeable amount which is equivalent to 25.999 USD.

Attention, the 25,999 USD is the amount that can be financed but you will not receive that amount as from there you must deduct the interest and various costs to be paid to the bank or financial institution that grants the loan.

The second example I want to give you is the most extreme one, that is, the one where the calculation is made starting from a pensioner who is 88 years of age and therefore falls within the minimum schedule of the amortization plan, i.e. 24 months. So, always assuming that the net pension is 1,000 USD per month, the calculation will be as follows:

  1. 1000 x 13 = 13,000 (annual net income)
  2. 13,000: 12 = 1083.33 (monthly income)
  3. 1083.33: 5 = 216.66 (fifth transferable)
  4. 216.66 x 24 = 5,199.24 (maximum financial amount)

As you have seen, these are quite simple calculations to perform, try to calculate your fifth transferable by entering your data, you will see that it is simple to obtain an approximate data.

For completeness of information, know that to obtain an accurate calculation of the fifth transferable amount of your pension, you can ask for information at any social security desk.

Loans for retirees up to 90 years old

Loans for retirees up to 90 years old

Recipients: social security retirees, former Inpdap and other entities, up to a maximum of 85 years at the end of the amortization plan, provided that the Social Security Authority is able to release the transferable portion.

Very well, you’ve almost come to an end, still a little patience, now I’m telling you everything you need to know about how to get the loan. As mentioned at the beginning, if you are over 85 years old, it is very difficult to find a bank or financial company interested in providing a loan, but as I promised you I found the solution for you.

SWA Finance in agreement with social security grants personal loans to repayable pensioners up to 85 years of age (more precisely loans whose last installment is paid within 85 years of age).

Now I provide you with some general information, but at the bottom of the article you will find the link that refers you to the page of the SWA Finance site where you will find the offer.

If you are unable to obtain a loan with them, unfortunately the alternatives do not seem to exist at the moment, the only one is to try with the loans changed (for pensioners without assigning the fifth) with all the risks associated with non-payment as the bills are executive titles.

Requirements necessary for retired people over the age of 80: first of all you have to go to the social security and ask for the calculation of the transferable quota (remember I already mentioned it), in essence the social security issues you a document where your fifth transferable is put in black and white calculated on your pension, this serves the bank as a starting point to open the file.

The required documents are: identity document, tax code and pension slip. Of course you don’t have to be reported as a bad payer or have been protested, in these cases regardless of everything you will not be able to get any loan.

The minimum amount payable for loans to social security pensioners with the transfer of the fifth of the pension is 1,200 USD, while the maximum amount is 75,000 USD.

The maximum duration is 120 months or 10 years. The TAN and APR are calculated at the moment following the indications of the Bank of Italy, at this moment, assuming an installment of 200 USD spread over a duration of 120 months, the APR is 7.84%, the total to be repaid therefore is $ 24,000, the account will instead be credited $ 16,798 therefore in 10 years 7200 will be paid for costs + interest equivalent to $ 60 per month.

Other features point by point

  1. Minimum installment of 50 USD, this is a constant installment in which the principal and interest portions are included;
  2. life insurance (this is mandatory and usually affects the cost of the operation a lot);
  3. compensation of 1% in the event of full or partial early repayment, 0.5% if less than one year is left to maturity. No commission if the remaining debt is less than $ 10,000;
  4. the disbursement of the loan takes place either on a SWA account or on another account, of course provided that the social security or other institution has issued the document of the transferable share of which I told you before;
  5. the debit mode is with direct withdrawal at the source, it will be all automatic you don’t have to think about anything;
  6. the necessary documents are: pension slip, tax code and identity document.


Here we are at our conclusions, I hope this article has been useful to you to find the right answer to your research. As you have certainly understood, it is not easy to get a loan when you are close to 90 years of age, but with a little patience you can find interesting solutions after all.

Finally, as promised here is the link to view the SWA offer.


How To Get A Fast And Secure Online Loan

Sometimes we find ourselves in unusual situations, unforeseen financial situations that need a quick and effective solution, so that the problem does not accumulate and turn into a terrible prolonged headache. For this, a fast online loan is one of the practical and safe ways out, if observed some requirements.

What are the advantages of fast online lending?

What are the <a href=advantages of fast online lending?” />

1) Agility and simplicity: In this mode of online loan , you access performs the entire process via the internet, without the need to be physically present for the signing of a contract. You simulate the amount to be hired, send the documentation online and the money is transferred directly to your checking account.

2) Security: You have a credit line at your disposal when you need it, when the financial difficulty arises, without waiting for the loan to be released. Thanks to computerized processes, the amount is released quickly so you have the peace of mind to remedy your debts.

3) Confidence: You know in advance what will be contracted due to the simulation process available when applying for a fast online loan. The simulators allow you to choose the total loan amount as well as the number of monthly installments. This way you can plan and not compromise your financial health.

4) Flexibility: In the fast online loan mode, you can choose the best date to start paying. So you get the money in a few hours, but you get your breath to start paying, ensuring you have the time to plan after a financial disaster.

What documents are required to apply for a fast online loan?

What documents are required to apply for a fast online loan?

Getting a fast online loan is very simple and hassle free, and the following documents are usually requested online:

1) Identity Document

2) Proof of residence of the last 3 months

3) Proof of income for the last 3 months

Approval and release of the loan will depend on analysis of your credit history. With no restrictions or pending issues, the money is released to your checking account within 48 hours of approval.

Fast online loan with Astro Finance

Fast online loan with Astro Finance

Astro Finance specializes in proposing differentiated solutions for each client, as it understands that each person has specific needs and must be considered individually. For this, it works with flexible products, as well as a differentiated service, aiming at excellence in financial services.

Coupled with the latest technologies, our company translates this benefit to customers, generating a relationship of trust and security in the simulation and borrowing processes, focusing on satisfaction and the search for viable solutions for our target audience.

Astro Finance’s fast online loan facility is designed to meet a wide range of customer profiles as well as provide the right, agile and effective solution when you need it most, seeking to establish a partnership based on mutual trust and respect. .

Getting a fast and secure online loan

Getting a fast and secure online loan

Because of the crisis, prices for most consumer goods, from appliances to food, as well as service goods, are rising steadily today. Due to inflation, it is becoming more complicated for the Brazilian to purchase service goods and products, which were previously available to all people.

We know that wages do not rise as fast as prices rise in markets, which makes it far more complicated today to maintain a decent standard of living. This situation has been affecting homes all over Brazil, especially people who need last minute money to pay for debt, emergency or even building materials.

In such a situation, usually the first question people ask themselves is “How to make money quickly and practically without having to deal with bureaucracy?”. Many people find this to be virtually impossible, and others find it dangerous, but with Astro you will find it possible and easy to get a fast and secure online loan.

The online loans that our partners offer are a quick and very practical solution as long as you make them aware of the situation, to use them at times when you are struggling financially or wanting to achieve a dream that once seemed too complicated. .

A lot of people have already got their loan online with our help, without red tape and within minutes, so they have the money to pay back what they needed.

Fast and Secure Online Loan Types

Fast and Secure Online Loan Types

In fact, a loan is a term used to classify any type of transaction where one party will deliver to the other a sum of money, the latter must return the money within the agreed between the parties, or under conditions already established by the first.

There are the most diverse types of loans currently, and it will all depend on the amount of money, the destination of this and also the requirements required for a person to be eligible for one of the loan types. The fast and secure online loan follows the following categories:

  • Payroll loan
  • Personal loan
  • Credit card
  • Home Financing
  • Car financing

How to apply for a loan online

How to apply for a loan online

Getting around and having to face a giant queue at a bank just to be able to apply for a loan is a thing of the past. You can place your order in the comfort of your living room today without having to waste your time in endless bank queues. With Astro you can have your loan with as little hassle as possible.

You just need to have a computer or smartphone with internet access in order to make your online loan fast and secure through us. Just follow the instructions.

But first, it is important to remember the following things:

  1. Simulate your loan

We offer loan simulation to let you know the amount of your payment installments before you even make the contract. Make sure that the amount you want is available for loan, and make sure to review the value of each installment according to the type of loan you choose.

  1. Choose the type of loan that best fits your situation

If you are struggling, make wise and appropriate decisions to remedy your debts. Don’t go about choosing a type of loan that could end up further complicating your situation.

  1. Make sure you choose the payment method

After budget analysis, you will choose how many installments you want to repay your loan. Keep in mind the value you earn each month and make proper planning so as not to negatively affect your lifestyle, depriving you of things that are important to you.


How to get immediate loans: who grants them, how and to whom to request them

Immediate loans: who offers them nationally?

1. Astro Finance’s instant online loan

Astro Finance offers an immediate loan because it relies on new technologies and the possibility of managing the practice completely online. The steps proposed by Astro Finance for accessing immediate loans are:

  1. Calculate the installment;
  2. Insert your data;
  3. Digital signature.

The steps to obtain the loan in 100% online mode are very simple:

  1. Fill in your question;
  2. Sign your contract with the digital signature;
  3. Send the documents;
  4. Follow the progress of your request.

The Digital Signature service is completely free and secure and the use of a mobile phone is sufficient to confirm the success.

The advantage of instant loans, with Astro Finance, lies mainly in the convenience of not having to waste time physically going to the office but being able to manage everything comfortably from home.

To read: Astro Finance personal loans

2. Astro Finance online loan: 48 hours response

Astro Finance online instant loans offer a response in 48 hours: on the official website you can make a simulation of a quote yourself, by entering an amount that must be between $ 2,750.00 and $ 30,000.00 and simply by making the system calculate the options, or the number of installments to end the repayment.

In this mode, the installments vary from a minimum of 12 installments to a maximum of 120. At the same time, Astro Finance also offers the possibility of associating insurance coverage with the financial product.

Immediately after choosing the desired option, you can print the Secci form, which is the form that contains the basic European Information on Consumer Credit.

The advantages of immediate financing with Astro Finance Online are the convenience of online management and the solidity of the Astro Finance group.

The toll-free number (800.134860) is dedicated to all those who need some additional information in filling in the automatic form for requesting the actual quote, or who simply have the pleasure of obtaining information about any future requests, also to compare the Astro Finance offer with other personal loan market offers.

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3. Immediate loan: Bankate

The fast loans offered by Bankate are characterized by very fast management especially in the preliminary stages. Already visiting the site (reachable at this link) you access a very clear and easy to use page. First of all, it is possible to contact the toll-free number (800-95-55-56) available to customers to obtain information and advice on the feasibility of the immediate loan and on the possibility of finding the most suitable formula for personal needs.

Bankate relies on an international financial group and can offer a good range of financing options by cutting back on additional expenses. Speed and flexibility are the resources that Codis makes available.

As an alternative to the toll-free number, the page dedicated to immediate loans also provides a direct email contact ([email protected]) and a very intuitive and easy to use DIY area: by filling in the online format of the loan simulation, you have immediately the possibility of finding different options, modifying a series of parameters until obtaining the ideal solution. Here are the two key parameters, which are the same that will also be useful in research with other financial companies:

  • Loan amount;
  • loan term.

With these two simple data, which are modified by moving the cursor of the amount and that of the duration of the payment, the monthly installment is obtained, in APR and the TAN of the chosen solution.

Bankate offers a type of immediate loan for amounts from 2,000 to 5,000 USD, with monthly installments starting from 38 USD.

There are no additional costs for opening the file or for collecting the installments.

Once the ideal solution has been identified, you can contact Bankate directly to request a quote: the evaluation of the request is immediate, after Bankate has received the requested documentation and the response is quick.

4. The immediate loan from Emers Bank

Emers Bank guarantees a 48-hour response and a repayment plan of up to 120 installments.

To consult the offers relating to the immediate loans offered by Emers Bank, you can visit the official website.

Emers offers immediate loans for amounts financed up to 30,000 USD.

The official page shows some examples so you can quantify the convenience of the offer at a glance, immediately finding different combinations between the loan amount, number of installments / months of repayment, TAN and APR. The requirements to access Emers Bank’s immediate loans are:

  • be 18 to 70 years of age;
  • have an Italian residence;
  • have a checking account;
  • have a demonstrable income.

The APR (i.e. the cost of financing, expressed as a percentage) of Emers Bank’s immediate loans includes, in the example case (10,000 USD repaid in 84 installments) shown on the official page, the following expenses:

  • substitute tax 0.25% of the amount financed over 18 months;
  • 25.75 USD charged at the same time as the first installment;
  • monthly management costs, amounting to 3 USD;
  • the cost of opening the practice, equal to 300 USD.

For a targeted quote, Emers Bank offers a very well-made and complete calculation tool, and you can get discounts and benefits if you have coupons / discount vouchers, thus reducing the costs of the immediate loan.

Vico before leaving looking for a loan

Vico before leaving looking for a loan

Immediate loans should not be seen as rushed loans so it is good to:

Evaluate your loan repayment capabilities well;

Compare at least 5 different financial loan offers between them, be they traditional lenders or new online financials;

Read carefully the economic conditions : TAN, APR, elasticity in the repayment methods (for example the possibility of renegotiating the repayment terms or of “skipping” one or more installments);

Consider the convenience or otherwise of taking out an insurance policy to cover any problems during the return of the amount.


Loans for housewives: how to get them?


Loans for housewives: what has changed?

Loans for housewives: what has changed?

Loans for housewives : fortunately things are changing, in fact, there are different solutions offered by banks also regarding loans for housewives without a paycheck to guarantee the financing.

The problem remains the same: unfortunately this category does not offer standard guarantees such as the salary of a permanent worker, but if some basic characteristics are respected, there is a good chance of obtaining it.

Obviously the first condition sine qua non is having a past without shadows from the point of view of credit: if you have protested the possibilities are really zero.

Amounts and characteristics of loans for housewives

Amounts and characteristics of loans for housewives

Once it is established that you are in a position to apply for a loan for housewives, you have to deal with the amounts: we are around maximum 3000 USD. A decidedly not large figure, but which can still allow a purchase or help in case of immediate difficulties.

In general, those who take out loans without a paycheck do not require a repayment with important and rigid installments like those who have it. If the loans are below a certain threshold, the financing takes place through a revolving card.

What is a revolving card?

What is a revolving card?

It is a type of credit card that instead of scaling purchases all together at the end of the month, like normal cards, installs the amounts in small numbers, for example 40-50 USD per month, so as to allow even those who do not she has a substantial personal income, like a housewife, to cope with the restitution.

To “repay” the risk they run, banks put rather large interest on this type of loan, so it is better to pay attention and read the conditions carefully in case of stipulation.

Is it necessary to have a guarantor?

Is it necessary to have a guarantor?

If a housewife who still has a small job and therefore some source of income is applying for the loan, it is not necessary. But if a housewife who works exclusively inside her house is in need of a sum of money, unfortunately it is necessary to have a co-obligation, who has an income from employment or a pension: and this is a requirement that cannot be avoided.

The fact remains that loans for housewives are still an excellent possibility to access a credit that would otherwise be denied.


Loans changed quickly, immediately, in 24 – 48 hours

Loans swapped fast: who can apply for them

Loans swapped fast: who can apply for them

Fast loans with bills of exchange embrace a very large pool of users: from employees with regular paychecks, to self-employed workers, up to pensioners.

Even the unemployed or the bad payers are not excluded who must, of course, present very solid guarantees to obtain a fast loan.

Necessary documents

Necessary documents

Given the nature of fast loaned loans, the rule applies to everyone that in order to have them, it is mainly necessary to have foreclosure assets capable of covering the entire loan loan. In addition, to facilitate loan approval it would be good to have the following additional guarantees:

  • The employee where to present the certificate of paycheck in addition to the accumulated severance indemnity;
  • a self-employed worker must deliver to the bank the Single Model of previous years and a life insurance policy signed for a minimum of 2 years;
  • if the applicant is a pensioner, it is sufficient to bring the pension certificate with him;
  • those who are unemployed must at least own a property and bring the cadastral map for its evaluation or be accompanied by a guarantor, to whom the bank can contact in case of non-payment;
  • if you are registered with CRIF as a bad payer, additional guarantees must be offered. As already mentioned, the best ones are owned properties.

All of the above is true, but I ask you: if you are an employee or a self-employed person or in any case you can demonstrate that you have an income, why resort to loans changed? Why don’t you try the fast Bankate loans? Or Astro?

Loans swapped fast: really cash right away?

Loans swapped fast: really cash right away?

In the common imagination, the fast loans changed are the ideal answer for those who need immediate liquidity and cannot wait for the approval times foreseen by the other types of personal financing, the approval is almost immediate: in 24-48 hours usually the money is already deposited into the account.

Unfortunately, this does not always correspond to reality. In fact, in most cases, those who resort to this type of loan do so because they have been reported as bad payers and do not have access to normal credit channels as they are members of the CRIF. So if you have unresolved problems, you are unlikely to have liquidity within 24 – 48 hours of applying for funding.

Among other things, the lender, whether a private individual or a bank, before making a loan with one or more promissory notes as collateral, checks the balance sheet of the person requesting the loan, to make sure that there are assets to be attached. in the event of non-payment of one or more installments. All this significantly lengthens the time of disbursement of money, so goodbye fast loan. Having said that the question is…

Fast loaned loans: factors that determine the rapidity of disbursement

The speed with which a loan is paid out depends on many factors, only after having identified them and taking them into due consideration can hypotheses be made that are likely to be reliable.

Let’s go in order, let’s see what are the main factors and the weight they have in the speed with which the funding is disbursed.

  1. Identification of the bank or private individual willing to provide a loan that has the promissory note (s) as the only guarantee;
  2. the ready availability of all the necessary documentation to prepare the financing file;
  3. speed of checks (by the bank or the private individual) of the documents provided by the applicant;
  4. amount of the requested sum ;
  5. availability and types of sewable goods ;
  6. credit status of the applicant in the databases and lists of bad payers.

As you will have understood by now, having a loan changed immediately, in 24 or even 48 hours is really very difficult. Even the mere search for a bank or private individual can sometimes take longer, but in this case there is nothing to do, due to force majeure the operation cannot be done.

How to try to have a fast loan changed in 24 – 48 hours

The only realistic way to try to have access to fast loaned loans is to activate a loan changed between individuals.

Yes, in this case, if the relationship of trust between individuals is high (… true, the bill of exchange is an executive title but the creditor does nothing if there are no assets to be attached), surely the operation is really feasible: The loan is obtained immediately, in one maximum two days.

Here’s how to do it : to formalize the operation, just a private writing in which you can predict a share of interest (Italian law allows), in that case just write on the contract that it is an “interest-bearing mortgage”. If no interest is foreseen, include “non-interest bearing loan” in the private agreement.

Of course, if you are talking about large sums, even if it is not necessary, it would be better to draw up the contract with the help of a notary.

Attention: the passage of money must be traceable (check or deposit to the current account), this in order to demonstrate that the loan actually took place as foreseen in private writing, so the “circle” closes.

Tips on how to get a loan with bills immediately, in a week

Tips on how to get a loan with bills immediately, in a week

Having ascertained that the loan with bills between private individuals is the only really quick way to get the money in hand within 24 -48 hours, we can now go on to discuss the other possibilities.

Here are our tips on how to move to get a fast loan.

Be aware that changeable loans need collateral

Almost a commandment: it enters the perspective that the bank has as its sole objective to get back the money lent and get it back with interest, all while limiting the risks to the maximum! There is no other short-term end. So keep in mind that you are the customer who wants to buy the money they have and who wants to sell to make profits. This only works if you prove to him the facts that you can pay back the loan money with lots of interest.

Get help from a financial advisor

If you know a good financial advisor contact him immediately, it will cost you a bit, but will increase exponentially the chances of success.

A good credit broker can open doors that you could never even imagine. Of course, they cannot work miracles but they know the banks and their way of operating (and sometimes even those who work in the bank). If there is a possibility, with the support of an expert consultant, it is likely that everything will go well.

If you don’t know a good financial advisor, read on, otherwise give up everything and call him… you were in no hurry?

Search for multiple entities and individuals that provide fast-changing loans

Draw up a list of all the different banks in your area, then call each of them and ask to speak with the manager or in any case with the loan manager.

Before giving you an appointment he will probably want to know what is the amount of the loan that you intend to apply for and how you plan to repay it. Be prepared to be told that they do not make loans, for this reason, I suggested to you, to make a nice long list.

Draw up a list of your foreclosures

Give value to your signature on the promissory note. Remember, if you want to be taken seriously by those who should lend you money as a guarantee of the signature of one or more bills of exchange, you must prove that you have seizable assets (of a value greater than the loan you intend to apply for).

Use your severance indemnity as a guarantee

Know that if you are an employee you can use the severance indemnity ( severance indemnity) as a guarantee, but remember that it is not entirely repossible. Unless you have set aside a very large sum, if you have only TFR to offer as the only guarantee, you will not be able to ask for much money. This is because, the severance indemnity can be seized by law up to a maximum of 20%, i.e. a fifth of the entire accumulated amount.

Having said that, if this possibility is sufficient to satisfy your needs, then why not apply for a loan with assignment of the fifth? Why sign executive titles? If unfortunately an unforeseen event occurs and you do not pay the installments, whoever has the promissory note can send it in protest and the consequences are heavy: foreclosure of the assets and ruined credit reputation.

How does a fast loan change

How does a fast loan change

For each fast loan, the installment to be paid is equal to the bill of exchange which is the guarantee that the bank or private individual has to grant the loan money.

At each payment of the loan installment, the bill held by the bank will be returned. The debt will be considered extinguished when all the bills are in the hands of those who requested the loan.

The rapidity of acceptance of the exchanged loans (when the applicant’s equity status permits) lies precisely in the nature of the promissory note, which allows the creditor – in case of non-payment -, the expropriation of personal property, which is used to guarantee the loan.

The greater the collateral, the faster the loan approval rate. Especially if managed privately, you can get money from 24 hours to a maximum of 3 days.

After a few days from the request, if everything went well, you will usually receive confirmation of the crediting of the money, and it is at this point that you will have to pay more attention: the banks grant two months from the disbursement for the payment of the first bill which from the first issue must be in order with the payment of stamp duty.

The regularization of the stamp is of primary importance; this lack can push the bank to expropriate the assets placed as collateral. In fact, it is the affixing of the stamp on the promissory note that makes the enforceable title, without it the promissory note cannot be paid: the tax amount is proportional to the value of the promissory note and corresponds to 12 per thousand of the value of each coupon.

Fast loans with bills: is it possible to get them from a bank?

It is possible, of course, to request a loan with urgent bills of exchange from a bank, but the loan application will hardly be accepted. Here because…

First of all, there are very few banks or financial companies that currently offer the possibility of applying for a loan with a promissory note. The reason is given by the fact that the Institute always prefers, except in very special cases, to propose one of the traditional products such as personal loans, assignments of the fifth, mortgage or unsecured loans. These solutions, are preferred by banks and financial institutions, this is because the risk of outstanding payments is lower, in fact, such loans are only possible when you have a demonstrable monthly income.

Another reason that often induces the bank not to issue loans with bills of exchange, is due to the fact that, usually, those who request to use this form of financing to replace traditional loans, is because they cannot access normal financing, perhaps due to a previous protest or a report to the CRIF. In these cases, therefore, it is normal for the bank to consider this operation too risky and deny any form of financing.

Where to apply for loans changed?

But are there any banks that offer this form of financing? As anticipated, banks offering bills of exchange are really a rarity. To ascertain the situation, all you have to do is go to the local banks and ask if and how you can get a loan with bills.

In the event that you can find a bank that offers the possibility of applying for a loan with bills of exchange, you should still know that this will not be a quick process.

In fact, even if they offer this line of credit, before they can issue the requested sum they still need to do a credit check, moreover they must evaluate the guarantees that the applicant gives. In fact, even in this case, a stable monthly income or a property on which you can take out a mortgage cannot be missing.

The loan with bills cannot be implemented when there are no guarantees. Banking institutions need to have the certainty of being able to repay the amount lent, in the event that the debtor does not regularly pay the installments or in this case the bills.

In conclusion, applying for a loan to a bank has been very complex since this is a tool that is falling into disuse. Not only that, even if there is a financial institution that provides it, however, the times will be long enough, because this will have to make several checks before deciding whether or not to pay the requested sum.

Alternative to banks: the loan with urgent bills of exchange between individuals

Yes, you got it right, the loan with urgent bills of exchange is possible and it is perfectly legal even if it is provided by a private individual, better if a friend or relative who has economic resources and a lot of trust in you. I recommend not to rely on strangers who promise easy and unsecured loans, you could risk getting into serious trouble.

As mentioned, the loan between private individuals with bills of exchange is provided for by Italian law, therefore the transfer of a specific sum from one subject to another can take place in total tranquility. The only obligation to be fulfilled by the creditor is the communication to the Revenue Agency through the Income Statement, of the issue of the loan. If you want more information, I suggest you read the article Loans exchanged between individuals.

This solution can allow you to get the amount you need quickly. Of course, to receive it, it will be necessary to issue, towards the friend or relative who lent the money, bills signed and marked in each field, accompanied by a stamp. These must then be delivered to the creditor, who in turn will use them to obtain the payment on the due date.

This solution is not always feasible, but it turns out to be the only way to get a loan changed quickly.

Alternatives to changed loans

Are there alternative solutions to financing with urgent bills of exchange? If you have protests or reports to the CRIF, and for this reason you had thought of a loan changed, only for those who have a permanent contract is it possible to think of alternative and more accessible solutions. For example, for this type of worker it is possible to request the assignment of one fifth of the salary.

The assignment of the fifth of the salary or pension

The assignment of the fifth of the salary allows the finance company to obtain the payment of the installment directly to the company or public administration for which the applicant works. In this way, he is sure that the installment will be paid on time every month. This solution provides longer times than a normal loan, but it is certainly a simpler alternative to pursue, compared to the use of bills.

The personal loan with guarantor

If you have a permanent contract, you can also adopt a second solution, namely the loan with guarantor. In this case, the bank can be asked to access a personal loan even if there are protests or reports to the CRIF, this can only happen when the person reporting as guarantor has an immaculate credit history and an indefinite salary or pension.

These two alternative solutions to the urgent change loan, however, require checks by the credit institution, therefore it is necessary to contact the bank in person to evaluate whether or not there are the requirements to be able to obtain the loan.

Loan with bills: advantages

Loan with bills: advantages

  1. Especially when managed between private individuals it is a very fast and easily manageable loan
  2. It can also be requested by those who are registered as bad payers in the public register – CRIF
  3. If there is negotiation, in some cases the same may have a lower interest rate than other types of personal loans
  4. In case of difficulty, the bills of exchange can be renewed if the counterparty approves

Loan to bills: disadvantages

Loan to bills: disadvantages

The biggest disadvantage that can be encountered is that in the event of non-payment of one or more installments of the loan, the creditor can send the bill in protest. In that case, many problems arise. In addition to seeing the assets necessary to cover the entire loan plus interest and obviously the default costs, the protest also triggers the much feared reporting to the risk center. In short, it will be even more difficult if not impossible to have other loans.

Disadvantage: higher costs than a normal personal loan, this is mainly due to the fact that, who comes to ask for a loan with bills, does it because he has no other alternatives and is therefore in a position where it is practically impossible to negotiate on interest and ancillary costs. Not many institutions are interested in providing these types of funding, so… take it or leave it. In addition to what has just been said, the cost of the stamp must be taken into account, which we remember is 11 per thousand for the promissory note and 12 per thousand for the promissory note plus any possible preliminary fees.

Another disadvantage – especially if the sum requested is significant – is that the bank does not consider the bill of exchange sufficient to grant the loan. In fact, not infrequently, credit institutions exert strong pressure to involve a guarantor and even take out a life insurance policy (so they sell that too).

If in fact, the bill of exchange constitutes the instrument that allows the bank to seize the assets of the insolvent customer, certainly it will not be sufficient to satisfy the bank’s thirst for certainty. In fact, before concluding a financial transaction, the credit institution always makes sure that it has all the necessary guarantees so that the debt can be extinguished. Sometimes, even regardless of the possibility of foreclosure of assets, which by their nature are not eternal.

Fast loans without bills: timing

Fast loans without bills: timing

If fast loans with bills of exchange have more or less rapid timings as appropriate, there are other financial instruments that can meet, sometimes even more quickly, your needs. Everyone has his own waiting time; if the urgency of money can wait a few days, it will be good to evaluate all the prospects that the financial market can offer you.

Quick loan installment dachshund

7 Days: the Dachshund installment loan corresponds to the assignment of one fifth of the salary, therefore only public and private employees or pensioners can access it. It has a very low rate, around 4%.

Instant online loans

24 hours: immediate online loans are granted to public and private workers or self-employed workers, as well as to pensioners. They have a rate, usually fixed which is between 8 and 10%.

Loans for housewives

3 weeks: loans for housewives are granted to housewives without guarantor, in the case of small personal income, or with guarantor otherwise. Rates rise to 11-14%.

Loan with revolving card

3 weeks / 1 month: the loan with revolving card is available for housewives and students, without a paycheck, which can request a maximum of $ 1,500. Rates are still rising at 17-19% due to the absence of guarantees.

Government Agency / social security loan

Variable delivery time; the timing is longer if the form is not delivered directly to the competent office but to a partner institution. The Government Agency small loan is intended for social security employees or retirees formerly of Government Agency. The overall interest rate is 5%.

Our advice

Trying to get a fast loan with promissory notes may seem the best solution in the immediate future, but before embarking on this path, our advice is to deal with your real availabilities.

Bills of exchange should be the last of the options to use if you need money because they are highly penalizing in case you find yourself in difficulty with the payment of one or more installments of the loan.


Zero interest loans

Advertising spots and flyers often leverage the opportunity to purchase goods and services with zero-interest loans . You are tempted, but you are afraid that there is a “rip-off” behind this kind of offer. You are wondering how it is possible to purchase a product in installments and repay the money received on credit without paying a penny of interest and various costs. Asking yourself these questions is legitimate, especially if you don’t know how these types of loans work.

In any case, you do not have to worry, now, I will provide you with all the explanations necessary to clear your ideas, at which point all your questions will be answered. Reading the article you will understand exactly what the famous TAN and APR are and how they affect the amount to be returned to the lender. Furthermore, I will show you the difference between “zero rate” and “real zero rate”, which many tend to underestimate. The article also contains three examples, which differ slightly from each other due to some small features that however deserve maximum attention.

So what are you waiting for? Start clearing your mind right away by reading this article that explains in detail what zero-rate loans are!

Zero interest loans: what they are

Zero interest loans: what they are

Zero interest loans are a particular type of “consumer credit”. This means that we are faced with a financing lasting 18/24 months, aimed at individuals and directed to the purchase of goods or services or to the simple payment by installments of a certain expense to be incurred, where the TAN is always with percentage 0 It is good to underline from the beginning that only in some cases also the APR could be equal to 0. Before proceeding with the explanation of the zero interest loans, it will be good to clarify what are the two main building blocks of the loan, namely the TAN and the APR which are also the fundamental basis of this particular type of loan.

The TAN and the APR as mentioned above are two of the building blocks of the loan. To fully understand what was said in the previous paragraph, it is necessary to understand in detail what these two interest rates are.

What is TAN

The TAN, or the Nominal Annual Rate, is the percentage of pure interest applied to a loan. This indicates how much the service received will actually be paid, which in essence is the cost of borrowing a given sum of money.

What is the APR

The APR is the Annual Global Effective Rate, also known as the Indicator or Synthetic Cost Index. This represents the actual cost of the financing that will have to be borne by the customer and which varies according to the credit institution to which we turn. Therefore, the ancillary expenses of the loan are included in the APR calculation, including:

  • State stamps
  • Tax
  • Compulsory insurance
  • Collection fees
  • Charges for current account support (if applicable)
  • Preliminary investigation costs

Non-compulsory insurances are billed separately. In conclusion, simplifying as much as possible, what interests the consumer is that the APR is the percentage value that best represents the total cost of a loan, mortgage or loan. The APR is essentially the sum of the TAN + the charges and costs associated with the loan. So, to choose the best loan among the many offers available today, the percentage of the APR is the reference value to keep an eye on . The lower the percentage, the more convenient the loan for those who request it.

Examples of zero interest loans

Examples of zero interest loans

In spite of what is commonly thought, a zero interest loan does not necessarily contemplate the zeroing of both interest rates, but only one, the TAN, which represents the lowest percentage. On the other hand, the two indices are zeroed when the loan is at a real zero rate.

In a zero interest loan , the borrower will have to repay the lender the full amount of the borrowed amount plus the APR . So the only interest rate really zeroed in this case is the TAN, which as mentioned above is the actual cost, protracted over time, of the sum of money borrowed.

The real zero rate , on the other hand, is the one in which both the TAN and the APR have a percentage equal to 0% . In the latter case, one might ask the credit institution what it earns in lending us the sum of money. The answer is simple, if TAN and APR are zero, it means that the end customer is only required to repay the amount of money borrowed, but that someone else will pay the APR for us. In this case, it will be the one who sold us the good or service who will take over the interest due to the credit institution, perhaps giving up part of his earnings.

Practical examples

Let us now give some examples of zero-interest financing, made available to customers by Euronics, Hyundai and Ikea, which differ slightly from each other, in order to further clarify the topic of zero-interest loans.

To guarantee the real zero rate, the Euronics amortization plan must respect very specific parameters. In fact, regardless of the asset that will be purchased, the loan will always last 20 months and will start from $ 99. Consequently, it will not be possible to choose the amount of the installments, which will vary only with respect to the cost of the goods purchased. Furthermore, offers such as “ 00Tasso transaction ” have a limited duration in time. Taking for example the purchase of a TV with a cost of $ 1,980 , we will see that:

  • The monthly payment is 99 $.
  • The loan term is 20 months.
  • The TAN and APR rates are both 0%.
  • The total to be refunded will be $ 1,980 which corresponds perfectly to the value of the TV.
  • This means that the transaction for the customer is at a real zero rate and that Euronics will take over the APR.

In addition to the time limit, the offer can only be used in the event of an exchange or scrapping. The value of the Hyundai Tucson car is $ 18,500, with an expected advance of $ 8,100. In this case the amortization plan will be managed in this way:

  • The monthly installment is $ 0 and a final installment of $ 11,000.
  • The loan term is 24 months.
  • The TAN and APR rates are 0% and 0.17% respectively.
  • The total amount to be refunded will be $ 11,036.50.

The 0.17% of APR includes the costs of collecting the final maxi installment, the production and sending of the contract confirmation letter, the annual periodic communications and the substitute tax. To the refunded sum we will also add the sum of money resulting from the exchange or scrapping, which however does not directly affect the customer’s pockets. As it is easy to see in this case we are faced with a zero interest rate loan.

In the latter example we will see a third case which differs slightly from the previous ones. The funding starts from a minimum base of $ 99 up to a maximum of $ 10,000. The number of installments must be defined by the customer. Assuming a loan of $ 1,400 divided into 20 installments, we can see that:

  • The amount of the monthly installment is 70 $ installments.
  • The loan term is 20 months.
  • The TAN and APR rates are 0% respectively.
  • The total amount to be refunded will be exactly $ 1,400.

In this case, however, IKEA invites attention, since having given greater flexibility to the financing, compared also to Euronics, the group underlines that according to the installments chosen, the percentage of the APR could increase and in that case the difference would be on the customer. Therefore, IKEA’s zero-rate loan could be both zero-rate, if the APR corresponds to more than 0% and real zero-rate where it will be equal to 0%.


Can I get a loan if I am retired?

When you retire, it is likely that your income will decrease as you stop working and lose your salary. After that, a pension is usually your main source of income. But what if you need a little extra money to make major improvements to your home or replace your car?

As long as the money you receive is enough to cover your daily expenses, you may be able to take out a loan if you are retired to cover these costs.

Is there room in your budget?

Is there room in your budget?

If you plan to borrow, it is important that you do so only if you have enough room in your budget for repayments.

Your monthly pension should cover all of your basic necessities such as food, utility bills, all other debts, and rent or mortgage payments (if you have not paid your mortgage yet). The money left over can be spent as you see fit, but you must have enough money if you plan to take out a loan.

When you apply, the lender should review your income to make sure you can afford the repayments. If you have enough money to cover these repayments, the lender may decide to lend you safely. Otherwise, it is unlikely that you can borrow what you need.

Before applying, it is a good idea to make calculations and determine the amount you will repay each month for the amount you want to borrow. Do not forget to include the interest rate in your calculations. You can use this loan calculator to help you solve the problem.

How much do you want to borrow?

How much do you want to borrow?

The amount you plan to borrow will also affect the type of loan you are applying for.

Your income will determine if you can borrow and how much you can get. As a general rule, the more money you receive from your pension each month, the more you can expect to borrow.

Money donated by family or friends – no matter how often they give it to you – will not usually be included in the lender’s calculations as it is not considered an official source. In most cases, your income must come from a pension because you can prove that your cash flow will flow smoothly and reliably into your bank account.

Personal loans tend to offer lower amounts, usually less than £ 10,000, while a homeowner loan can go up to around £ 250,000.

If you have a good credit history, a personal loan could be an option because it is not guaranteed, which means your home is not at risk if you are late repayment. On the other hand, an owner loan means that you can borrow more, usually at a lower rate, as you use your home as collateral. However, should you fall behind in your repayments, the property may be repossessed.

Make sure you read the terms of any loan carefully, as there may be rules that require you to repay the loan before reaching a certain age.

For relatively modest loans, such as between £ 1,000 and £ 3,000, you can consider a 0% purchase credit card. These cards allow you to pay for an item or service but have a number of months without interest. Indeed, it is as if you were contracting a loan, but you do not pay any interest until the end of the promotional period. After that, you will pay the lender’s standard rate. It is therefore worthwhile to repay the loan during the interest free period if you can.

Release of equity

Release of equity

Another possible solution is the release of equity. If you own your home and have fully repaid your mortgage, you can free up some of the equity and put the money to something else.

The two options you have here are a lifetime mortgage or a home return.

Secured against your home, a life mortgage works like a regular mortgage in many ways. You borrow money from the bank according to the amount of your capital (money) that you have at home. Then you can either make monthly repayments, such as a regular mortgage, or simply let the interest grow.

You are usually allowed to allocate a portion of the value of your home loan, so you can leave money to your loved ones. Once you are dead or move to full-time day care, the loan is fully repaid – the lender can sell your home for this purpose.

With home reversion, you sell part or all of your home to a survivor. You will get money in return, sometimes in the form of monthly payments and sometimes in the form of a lump sum. In return, you will live without rent, but will have to take care of the property and keep it in good condition, making sure it is properly insured.

Once the plan is complete, your reversion provider will sell your home and distribute the cash to all parties who own it. Again, as with a lifetime mortgage, you can set aside some of the value of your home for the estate before you buy the survivor plan.

If you plan to release shares, we recommend that you first consult an independent financial advisor. They will be able to guide you through the different options and tell you if it is a good route to follow. Here you will find a list of financial advisers specializing in the publication of shares.

Think about it

Think about it

It is important to remember that entering into a credit agreement is something you need to think about.

No matter what type of loan you take out, you agree to make monthly payments for a certain period of time. Any delay in these payments may damage your credit history and you may face additional charges. It’s a whole world of worry that you could do without, especially when you’re supposed to enjoy your retirement.

That’s why you should only take out a loan if you need it and are happy to make the repayments.