How to get immediate loans: who grants them, how and to whom to request them

Immediate loans: who offers them nationally?

1. Astro Finance’s instant online loan

Astro Finance offers an immediate loan because it relies on new technologies and the possibility of managing the practice completely online. The steps proposed by Astro Finance for accessing immediate loans are:

  1. Calculate the installment;
  2. Insert your data;
  3. Digital signature.

The steps to obtain the loan in 100% online mode are very simple:

  1. Fill in your question;
  2. Sign your contract with the digital signature;
  3. Send the documents;
  4. Follow the progress of your request.

The Digital Signature service is completely free and secure and the use of a mobile phone is sufficient to confirm the success.

The advantage of instant loans, with Astro Finance, lies mainly in the convenience of not having to waste time physically going to the office but being able to manage everything comfortably from home.

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2. Astro Finance online loan: 48 hours response

Astro Finance online instant loans offer a response in 48 hours: on the official website you can make a simulation of a quote yourself, by entering an amount that must be between $ 2,750.00 and $ 30,000.00 and simply by making the system calculate the options, or the number of installments to end the repayment.

In this mode, the installments vary from a minimum of 12 installments to a maximum of 120. At the same time, Astro Finance also offers the possibility of associating insurance coverage with the financial product.

Immediately after choosing the desired option, you can print the Secci form, which is the form that contains the basic European Information on Consumer Credit.

The advantages of immediate financing with Astro Finance Online are the convenience of online management and the solidity of the Astro Finance group.

The toll-free number (800.134860) is dedicated to all those who need some additional information in filling in the automatic form for requesting the actual quote, or who simply have the pleasure of obtaining information about any future requests, also to compare the Astro Finance offer with other personal loan market offers.

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3. Immediate loan: Bankate

The fast loans offered by Bankate are characterized by very fast management especially in the preliminary stages. Already visiting the site (reachable at this link) you access a very clear and easy to use page. First of all, it is possible to contact the toll-free number (800-95-55-56) available to customers to obtain information and advice on the feasibility of the immediate loan and on the possibility of finding the most suitable formula for personal needs.

Bankate relies on an international financial group and can offer a good range of financing options by cutting back on additional expenses. Speed and flexibility are the resources that Codis makes available.

As an alternative to the toll-free number, the page dedicated to immediate loans also provides a direct email contact ([email protected]) and a very intuitive and easy to use DIY area: by filling in the online format of the loan simulation, you have immediately the possibility of finding different options, modifying a series of parameters until obtaining the ideal solution. Here are the two key parameters, which are the same that will also be useful in research with other financial companies:

  • Loan amount;
  • loan term.

With these two simple data, which are modified by moving the cursor of the amount and that of the duration of the payment, the monthly installment is obtained, in APR and the TAN of the chosen solution.

Bankate offers a type of immediate loan for amounts from 2,000 to 5,000 USD, with monthly installments starting from 38 USD.

There are no additional costs for opening the file or for collecting the installments.

Once the ideal solution has been identified, you can contact Bankate directly to request a quote: the evaluation of the request is immediate, after Bankate has received the requested documentation and the response is quick.

4. The immediate loan from Emers Bank

Emers Bank guarantees a 48-hour response and a repayment plan of up to 120 installments.

To consult the offers relating to the immediate loans offered by Emers Bank, you can visit the official website.

Emers offers immediate loans for amounts financed up to 30,000 USD.

The official page shows some examples so you can quantify the convenience of the offer at a glance, immediately finding different combinations between the loan amount, number of installments / months of repayment, TAN and APR. The requirements to access Emers Bank’s immediate loans are:

  • be 18 to 70 years of age;
  • have an Italian residence;
  • have a checking account;
  • have a demonstrable income.

The APR (i.e. the cost of financing, expressed as a percentage) of Emers Bank’s immediate loans includes, in the example case (10,000 USD repaid in 84 installments) shown on the official page, the following expenses:

  • substitute tax 0.25% of the amount financed over 18 months;
  • 25.75 USD charged at the same time as the first installment;
  • monthly management costs, amounting to 3 USD;
  • the cost of opening the practice, equal to 300 USD.

For a targeted quote, Emers Bank offers a very well-made and complete calculation tool, and you can get discounts and benefits if you have coupons / discount vouchers, thus reducing the costs of the immediate loan.

Vico before leaving looking for a loan

Vico before leaving looking for a loan

Immediate loans should not be seen as rushed loans so it is good to:

Evaluate your loan repayment capabilities well;

Compare at least 5 different financial loan offers between them, be they traditional lenders or new online financials;

Read carefully the economic conditions : TAN, APR, elasticity in the repayment methods (for example the possibility of renegotiating the repayment terms or of “skipping” one or more installments);

Consider the convenience or otherwise of taking out an insurance policy to cover any problems during the return of the amount.